MR.RESIN: My thoughts & opinions!

Hey Strawbabies!

Here's a bit of backstory you may not have known (feel free to skip down below to get straight to the review), but prior to opening my resin shop in 2018, I focused on blogging and writing online as well as being a product reviewer! It's been a long time since I've done either of those, but this is a fun way for me to mix my passions *and* contribute to my community! ^~^

I plan to slowly add blogging into the main part of my shoppe, so if you have any ideas on what you'd want me to cover, feel free to reach out or leave a note/comment somewhere!

A note before starting: I originally planned to do this review about a year ago, but I really wanted to test the longevity of the product and the reputation of the brand. Since they were very new when I found them, I didn't want to recommend anything to you guys that I couldn't personally speak for. A year later, I'm here to share my real life thoughts and opinions with you all!
Spoiler alert: I love the products and the company!

Now onto my thoughts on Mr. Resin UV Resin!

I've been using this UV resin for over a year, since December of 2020, and a year later I'm getting the chance to work with them directly! I've loved it even before them reaching out to offer me a chance to work with them, so all of my opinions are based on months and months of buying it for myself and using it in my own art!

Things I really love:

  • It actually cures! -- A lot of UV on amazon doesn't have nearly the quality that this one has. It cures perfectly for me every time, and it doesn't take 10 minutes to do so!
  • It doesn't yellow! -- As far as I have seen, the resistance to yellowing is amazing! Unlike resins I've used before that would yellow within a couple of months, Mr. Resin UV has stayed as crystal clear and shiny as day 1!
  • Speaking of shine, the gloss is so good! -- I love that "candy" look, where everything is shiny and looks so smooth and glossy *heart eyes*! Here is some work I've done using their UV resin as a doming resin:

Like..c'mon! Look how shiny these are, it's so pretty!

(Note: The base is not made with any UV resin)

  • There is basically no smell! -- Some UV resins smell absolutely awful, but this one has very little, if any, smell at all. It's worth a try for those with odor sensitivities!
  • There are multiple sizes! -- Whether you know you love the resin, or you just wanna try it out, there are several sizes to choose from to suit each need! If you wanna grab one for yourself (and save some monies, too) click here! (I do earn a small commission from you using my link/code, but whether you use it or not, I really hope you check it out!)
  • Shrinkage has shrunk! -- Some UV resins shrink so much, but this one shrinks very little in comparison to what I have used in the past!
  • Color vs Clear: Yes! -- Both ways I have used this resin, it works just as well! Some UV resins have a really hard time curing when colorant is added, but this one hasn't failed me yet! Pro Tip: Keep in mind, you'll want to build up color rather than make it thick right away! The more color that's added, the harder it is for the resin to cure. You can always add more!
  • There are kits available! -- If you're just starting your journey, Mr. Resin has kits to help you begin! Their newest kit includes glitter, a UV light, stir sticks/scoops, and so much more! It's a really good deal for the price, and one I was gifted by them to try out (check my tiktok for a semi-unboxing!)

♡(˶╹̆ ▿╹̆˵)و✧♡

Everything good has a few downsides (for some), so I'll mention some things that can make things a bit tricky!

  • The consistency is inconsistent -- Well, it's actually not that different between each bottle, but for some reason I have noticed that smaller bottles are less thick than large bottles. For me, this doesn't really affect anything but for those who need something thinner, I'd start with a small bottle!
  • If you use a lot of UV resin, it can be pricey -- Buying lots of small bottles adds up very quickly. If you use a lot of UV resin for your art, I definitely recommend going big!
  • Oftentimes, the only ones available are kits -- Unfortunately there are a lot of times where the single bottles are sold out so kits are the only ones available. I'm sure this will change as the company grows, but if you rely on this brand, definitely start looking to buy *before* you run out rather than when you're near the end of a bottle. The good thing is you can always share or give away the products in the kits that you don't need! It's still a great option for people who are just beginning or needing those supplies! And Mr. Resin restocks their products often (they just run out so fast, haha!)
♡┉ˏ͛ (❛ 〰 ❛)ˊˎ┉♡
All in all, I truly love this brand and the products they have. Talking to them is easy, and they respond very quickly in my experience. They also are really helpful if there is a concern or if you have a question! I'm very excited to see where they go with their brand next, and I hope this helps anyone on the fence about trying their products. Give it a go! I think you'll be surprised!
p.s.: I've tried their silicone, too! Should I share my experience? hmm..👀
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