Mystery Bags are coming soon! Be sure to sign up for emails to be one of the first notified when they drop! ♡

Launch Date: Early August
August themes: (1) Strawberry, (1) Galaxy, and (1) Animal Crossing
Want some more information?

What are they? Mystery bags are my revamped version of the Chibibabes Boxes I launched a few months ago. These are canvas bags filled with my favorite handmade and store bought items. Each type of item will be listed in the description, but no specific details are given. That's why they're a mystery; It's like a gift! ♡

Are these customizable? Nope! Customizing so much really stifled by creativity, so these will not be customizable at the moment. The most you can do is request a gift note, but aside from that I will not be taking requests.

Can you give an example? I will post an example bag prior to the launch.

When will they be available? Check my shop for the latest updates on when new items, including these, will drop!

How will I know what's inside? That's the fun; You won't! You'll be given a general list of items (example: tray, stickers, etc.) and the theme of the bag, but the rest is up to me!

Are substitution items available? If a bag contains food and you have a food allergy or other concern, I'll be more than happy to replace that item. This may add additional days to how long it takes to ship.