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Case Add Ons/Upgrades

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❤ Grips/Poppies are now made on name-brand bases with swappable tops! Price reflects the increased cost of supplies.

(Currently Unavailable) 🌟🌟🌟 NEW!! Ribbon Phone Strap! Upgrade your phone charm!

♡ Add a little ribbon to your order with this upgrade! It's basically a phone strap x2! These will be simple straps and may include beaded charms, whipped charms, or resin charms (or all if I'm feeling daring 😜). These will match the theme of your case as best as I can, but I am currently unable to take special requests. If you see a ribbon that you really want, please feel free to double-check beforehand so I can confirm it's possible but other than that I will do my best to select one that compliments your case (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)♡

Note: You won't receive the exact ribbon in the photo, that's just an example! Your ribbon will have different designs and colors depending on what your theme is. 

🌟 Rainbow Whip!! Now you can make your case for every color in the rainbow-- literally! 🌈

♡ Lace/ribbon side upgrades! You pick the color and I do the rest! At this time, I don't have the ability to give you the option of what lace, but if you have a reference I can do my best! Please be aware that this may add a few days to the processing time for delivery. *:・゚✧(ꈍᴗꈍ)✧・゚:* **Rainbow whip is actually 4 colors and comes out differently each time. The photo is just an example, but this whip can be more translucent or more saturated given the unique nature of each batch.

🌟 Border VS Sides: If you're looking to add some extra detail, look no further! Border add ons are perfect for adding detail without compromising the feel of the case. These do just what they say-- create a border around the whip like an outline! You can see these peeking out of the whip from the sides! Alternatively, sides go on the sides of your case where you typically have your hands. They are great if you really want to notice those details! You are able to have both on your case for the ultimate touch of ✨extra✨ if you want! 

These upgrades are for some premade cases as well as layouts and artist choice cases. Please make your choices carefully! I will not refund if you make a mistake in your selection.

♡ Please buy upgrades when you buy your case, or within the same day. I start orders fairly quickly so I don't want to miss anything! If you buy separately, add an order note or email me about your original order so I don't mix it up. I won't know to look if you don't tell me!

Please note that upgrades can add up to 2 weeks to the processing time to your order depending on upgrades and materials on hand. If you would like an estimate before buying, please email or DM me on Instagram with your question!