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Custom Spots

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$36.00 USD
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$36.00 USD
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Here is where you can get your semi-customs request in! BONUS: Flat rate options are available! This will save you money and make it easier to predict the cost of items when you're planning ahead! 🎀

How to Purchase: Select which custom you want to request, add it to your cart, and purchase! If you are getting a semi-custom resin product, please leave the details (color, requests, "do not add"'s) in the notes or in an email afterward. If you are getting a case, please head to this form to give me your information: Form

Other listings to Check: Case Add-Ons


🎀 It's totally possible that your request needs a price adjustment! If that is the case, I'll be able to add that option here to make it easier for you to find. Price adjustments are only available before the purchase is made. No refunds will be given for price adjustments that are not made before an order is placed. To see if your request is eligible for a price adjustment, please contact me before placing the order. Adjustments are only eligible for requests that cost less than what is listed as the flat rate charge.

🎀 Customs will remain open unless they need to close or until the end of September