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Magical Girl Layouts (*Any Phone Type!)

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How it works:

🌟 Claim which layout you'd like (you can buy multiple cases if you'd like!) and add it to your cart

🌟 Add your case add ons to your cart (find them here!)

🌟 Leave your whip color and phone type in the notes (or email me after purchase)

...and wait for your mailbox to be blessed! πŸ₯°


πŸ’– These are not full customs. I'm unable to change pieces (unless they need to be removed for your case size) or change the color

πŸ’– You are not buying the layout pieces. You're buying these pieces that I create a case for you with!

πŸ’– Processing time depends on mail delivery, but you can follow your order here!

πŸ’– Be sure your phone model, whip color, and add on selections are correct. I do not allow refunds for these issues being incorrect.


* = Cannot be made on flip/folding phones. Obscure phone models may take longer due to less supply availabilities. If you're worried your case may not apply, message or email me beforehand! πŸ’—