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Mystery Art Packages!

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🎀 Depending on your selection, you could get anything between charms, poppies, wands, fluffie sets, coasters, trays, stationery, and more! Almost anything in the shoppe is up for grabs, or you might even get something unreleased!

🌸 Your package will always be equal or more than the price you pay, so no worries about value! 😍

🌸 Your package may be one thing or be several things, depending on what you choose at checkout!

‼ If you have any preferences, leave it in the notes when you order! 🥰 Im not responsible if you dont leave any notes. Anything I have (besides cases and enamel pins) is up to be in a mystery art pack, and any theme I have is, too. If you definitely do not want a theme, please let me know asap!

🌟 No handmade items are 100% perfect. Please expect slight imperfections! 💕