Pink Variant - "Love Yourself" Sticker
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Pink Variant - "Love Yourself" Sticker

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♡ Printed on normal paper

♡ The entire thing is a sticker but the main part is also cut, so you can have the contour cut sticker or use the whole square. Your choice!

♡ Size: About 3 inches

♡ If you buy the version with stars your order may be delayed due to materials. I have some on hand, but if more orders are made than are expected, Ill need to reorder which will add this time onto your order. 

♡ These are handmade and drawn by me. Please don't resell or use for profit. Use code "LETTER" to get this sent as untracked letter mail. Code only applies to single stickers/listings that allow it. Using this code for unqualified orders may get your order canceled.