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Starry - Layout 02

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🎀  This layout is for a full whip with shakers decoden case. The layout can be made for most phone cases! The cost of the case is covered in the price so no surprise costs later! The case in the image is an example/prop and does not represent what you'll receive. All details (paint, glitter, shaker fillings, etc) will be added to match your whip color.

🌸 How layouts work: You are buying a phone case, not the pieces. The pieces in the picture are the exact ones youll receive on your case. The way your case looks in the end depends on your specific model, but the layout in the image is the idea I have already! Some pieces may be removed if they dont fit your case. If that happens, those pieces will not be sent along with your case.


1. You buy the listing, being sure to tell me your phone model and whip color of choice.

2. I'll buy the supplies to make your case. After they arrive, Ill assemble your case the way I do all decoden cases.

3. Your case is done!

Layouts are just decoden cases where you know what the pieces are instead of you having to tell me. Its a very simple process but if you are still confused, please reach out to me before buying so we can be sure you understand fully and still want to get it!

‼ Please leave your phone model and whip color choice in the notes or in an email afterwards. Add ons can be found on website and added to your order!

🌟 No handmade items are 100% perfect. Please expect slight imperfections! 💕