Strawbaby Shoppe during COVID

Hey, guys!

It seems COVID won't be letting up anytime soon, so I'm making a formal page to give you some insight on how I'm keeping you safe, and any Shoppe changes that have happened due to COVID.

First and foremost, my top priority is to keep everyone safe, including you and myself. I personally practice social distancing and I don't leave the home and my roommate uses gloves and masks when out for work or necessary trips outside of the home. Neither of us touch any product with unclean hands. 

Shipping Changes
Strawbaby Shoppe no longer ships internationally. While COVID is happening, many U.S. based shops are reducing or stopping their international shipping. If you happen to order internationally at any time, remember that it is outside of the control of the shop owner to manage your package. Once packages are set, it is then the responsibility of USPS or other delivery services to handle your package. International shipments are taking an additional 3 to 7 weeks to arrive to places, so be kind, and be patient!
What You Can Do
When you receive your order, be sure to sanitize the outside or remove the outside with gloves so you aren't touching something touched by several random people. Remember that there are several postal workers handling your package in several places. There's no way to know whether your package passed through an infected facility. Although there's little to no chance of your items inside the package to be contaminated, never touch new, unsanitized items and then touch your face, nose, or eyes. Reduce contact to all vital areas, and sanitize often.