Order Forms

Use the appropriate links, listed and linked below, to find the correct form for your order! Be sure to have your order number ready c: All links open in a new window.

Please only fill this out if you have ordered the listing already. This is how custom orders are recorded and processed, so be sure to fill things in correctly.

Artist Choice Case Form - If you ordered an artist choice case, this is your form.

Artist Choice Case Form - Specialty Themes - If you ordered a specialty theme, this is your form.

Layout Case Form - If you ordered a layout, this is your form.

Chibibabes Box Form - Temporarily Discontinued

Waitlist/Case Requests - Please use this ONLY if you have a request and have NOT made an order. This is designed for inquiries only.

Sakura Shelves Form - If you ordered a Sakura Shelf, this is your form.


For cases: If you are wanting a style similar to a case I have already made, please specify this on this form. However, no cases will be directly copied as every one of them are as special as you are. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Your response is not recorded until you click "submit" at the end.