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🎀 Welcome to the Strawbaby Club! 🎀
Being a part of the club means you get access to...

🍓 NEW! Instagram Group Chats

new coming soon in 2024! a happy place to connect with fellow strawbabies and talk about art and pretty things (plus a special shop talk group chat for fellow small businesses!)

🍓 NEW! Themed Packs

may contain prints, stickers, pins, etc. all sharing the theme of the month (

🍓 BTS Content

exclusive peeks into my studio and art process, an early look at upcoming project plans and product development, and sneak peeks of upcoming products

🍓 Inspired by You Releases

exclusive product drops inspired by members throughout the year

🍓 Exclusive Items + Early Access

1-hour early access to planned drops on the main shoppe, pre-claims, and exclusive items not available in my public store

🍓 Polls, Games, and Giveaways

give your input on future drops plus play along in games and private giveaways throughout the year

🍓 Digital Downloads

little digital gifties randomly sent your way

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It's super important to note that although I do aim to be as active as possible each month, I try not to set strict schedules, plans, or deadlines often. It's important to me that I give myself plenty of space and time to create freely.
Thank you for understanding and allowing me to do my best!
♡ kai