The Strawbaby Universe

In April, I made the difficult decision to close my Strawbaby Club and pursue new adventures. As my capacity continued to dwindle over the last several months, I found myself looking inward to rediscover what it was that I wanted. A random thought popped into my head, and suddenly I found myself obsessed with this idea: I want to build my own little universe!

Admittedly, my desire for this was heavily inspired by my love of on of my favorite shows, Steven Universe. Although I'm no storyteller and I'm far from a world-builder, I hope to be able to materialize my imagination and create a space built on safety, creativity, growth, and fun!

I've never been shy to share my story with art, and how I've used it to process the most difficult truths and most challenging moments of my life. I hope to use that same energy to continue to grow and heal while helping others who are on the same path. Life can be so difficult, but everyone deserves peace and pretty things~

There's more to come, and more to say about this, but for now I hope you enjoy the little introduction. Welcome to my Strawbaby Universe~

...look at all the stars...