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Daily Planner Note Sheets

Daily Planner Note Sheets

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☁️ Made for the unorganized dreamers!

These sheets help you focus on 3 major tasks with room to break them down into steps to help reduce overwhelm. Each sheet is made to help you break down one major task into 3 manageable parts, or 3 medium tasks into smaller steps. This is a productivity technique that helps tasks appear more manageable, therefore encouraing you to see the task easily!

If you run out of motivation quickly, each sheet has a space for you or a loved one to add little reminders of encouragement for you!~

The mission sheets have a completion bar so you know where you left off and are set up in a game style by sending you on missions.

The task sheets are good for those who prefer a more straightforward approach to tasks.

☁️ Size: ~5.25x8in
☁️ These note sheets are individual-- NOT A NOTEPAD. Each set has 14 pieces for two weeks of success and organization! They come in a themed packaging to prevent wrinkling or tearing when not in use.

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Autumn is pinkish/orange

Buzz is light purple/blue with green stars

Cloudy is blue with yellow stars

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